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Jin Oh

Law Student

USC, Gould School of Law

Jin Kyoung Oh was born in South Korea and raised in various cities in Southern California. During high school, she also led various student groups, but found the most fulfillment in her work with P.E.A.C.E. (People for Ethnic And Cultural Equality), where she led fellow students in progressive discussions regarding the challenges facing minority students. During her undergraduate years at USC's Marshall School of Business as a Presidential Scholar, she continued to remain an active leader in various student groups. After graduation, Jin returned to South Korea, where she started up a nonprofit organization called NSDA Korea. NSDA Korea, an organization dedicated to giving the youth of Korea a voice, has since partnered with Korea University and continues to serve the youth of Korea today. While in Korea, Jin also became heavily involved with her volunteer work with North Korean refugees, which she continues to this day. Jin is currently an Honors Scholar at USC Gould School of Law as one of twenty Honors Scholars. Jin is looking forward to externing with Federal Judge Otero in her final semester before sitting for the bar. Jin believes that it is important to enjoy every moment of every day, and often spends her leisure time diving off various coasts and/or exploring new cities and cuisines.

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