Our Mission

Here at Building BLOC, we help students with varying levels of business interests and experiences achieve their personal and professional goals.

Through peer-to-peer networking opportunities and hands-on experiences, we work with local communities to foster close-knit and supportive networks for career development, leadership, and service.


Follow the 10-step Roadmap

to learn how you can:

Each book sale enables us to help additional high school students.

  • Identify your own ideas

  • Initiate your microbusiness

  • Prepare for future growth

Building BLOC Clubs

Case Studies


These case studies enable the students to solve real problems for local businesses, which maximizes their growth, while simultaneously helping the community




One-on-one mentorship pairs the students up with a business professional in their field of interest, allowing them to ask questions and receive guidance for their unique career and
academic needs


Business Education


Weekly meetings allow the students to discuss business news and career development tips, while forging relationships with peers who share similar interests and career goals


Building BLOC Career

We support high school career centers by reaching out
to the community to identify safe opportunities for students


we identify additional opportunities for meaningful,

resume-building experiences


we partner with organizations to provide work-based learning

and skill development necessary for college


we collaborate with schools to ensure that students can access the most up-to-date opportunities


parents are excited to have

a centralized directory of opportunities for students

 to find opportunities

If you want to learn more, please email                                                  

Volunteer Activities

Beach Clean-up


While developing their career and academic needs, the students also commit to improving the local community. This Beach Clean-up event allowed the students to bond with their mentors, while discarding trash and making a real impact.


Leadership Brunch


To prepare for the upcoming semester, the students held a Leadership Brunch at the Cheesecake factory. This session allowed them to organize roles and divide responsibilities, while brainstorming new ideas to expand the club.


Khiry Kemp


Co-Executive Director



Weston K. Seid

Co-Executive Director



Jessica Zhang





Wendy Guo

Senior Manager





Justin Seid



Community Outreach


Kevin Tran


Senior Associate


Mike Sanghvi

Senior Associate



Rami Harb

Senior Associate

Business Development


Make A Difference

Help students develop better futures
for themselves and their communities
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