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Starting Your Own Microbusiness


Find out what a microbusiness is,
and how it helps people accomplish their goals through entrepreneurial experiences


Learn from the detailed descriptions of how others have successfully planned, developed, and launched their own microbusinesses


Follow the 10-step Roadmap to learn how you can identify your own ideas, initiate your microbusiness, and prepare for future growth

About Authors

After graduating from USC and UCLA respectively, Weston K. Seid (left) and Khiry Kemp (right) spent years consulting for two of the largest professional services firms in the world. While still employed, they launched the Building BLOC nonprofit to help high school students with college and career development. With strong and early success, they made the decision to resign and fully commit to their cause. Since then, they’ve created the #1 software for high school students to find internships and volunteer opportunities 

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Weston K. Seid

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Khiry Kemp

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