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Maryann Gao


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Maryann is a Business Development Analyst with Building BLOC, primarily focused on gathering lists of suitable organizations for outreach, documenting progress, and communicating potential needs to add/modify outreach documents. She is an undergraduate at the University of Southern California, expected to graduate in 2023 and double-majoring in Business Administration as well as International Relations and Global Economy. In 2010, she created a nonprofit project to support people who have dislexia through fundraising. Maryann also has attended case competitions, where she mainly focused on developing product ideas and researching/analyzing targeting and segmentation of audiences. Currently, Maryann is an intern for a consulting firm and is leading the team's research topics on the Fintech industry. Outside of work, Maryann is passionate about snowboarding, kickboxing, baking, and playing musical instruments. Furthermore, Maryann is dedicated to notions of giving back to society and pursuing innovative solutions whenever challenges arise.

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