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History of Building BLOC

In 2018, Weston K. Seid and Khiry Kemp created a nonprofit organization, Building BLOC. Building BLOC was created to help high school students develop a stronger understanding of career pathways and overall business education. Building BLOC helps students by providing mentorship, case studies, and various workshops. With Building BLOC's guidance, high school students formed a school chapter to reinforce the benefits of being involved with the organization. After repeated mentorship sessions, students expressed difficulty in finding internship and volunteering opportunities. To solve this problem, the Building BLOC team searched for resources that could help the students find an appropriate online resource. After failing to find real support for high school students to find opportunities, the team came together to promote Oppti. Oppti is the first opportunity platform for students aged 13-18! Now the Building BLOC Career and Building BLOC Club programs collectively serve over 156k students, representing 91 schools across the U.S.

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