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Internships & Volunteering 


With career interests ranging from auto engineering to healthcare, you can find local opportunities to gain work experience. We work with schools, employers, and government entities to make sure that you have access to the largest database of opportunities for high school students.  

District & School Staff


We help you reduce overall workload and improve CTE program effectiveness.
By helping students engage in work-based learning opportunities, and reaching out to potential industry partners, we increase student participation rates and the overall number of available opportunities.


Our companies range from nonprofit organizations to large tech companies.
We help you find capable high school students that are eager to intern and volunteer. Students can help with activities like social media marketing, website development,
and administrative operations.


We've partnered with many school districts, including Santa Ana and Riverside Unified School Districts, to provide students with an easy way to find work-based learning opportunities.
Our service helps businesses post opportunities, and allows schools to more efficiently place students in local internship experiences.

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